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We've designed this site to help you find the right computer for your cycling requirements, whether you are a leisure cyclist or competing at a high level. Hope you find it useful. We've listed over 40 of the most popular models.

To help you get the best prices, you can also use the site to find out where to buy your cycle computer at the top cycle shops and electrical retailers.

Know which computer you want already ?

Just use the left hand menu or our Products link to find all the top and most popular models and their prices. We've covered everything from basic computers up to those with advanced functions, cycle training access online and GPS.

Need to compare computer functions ?

Each product has its own webpage. Use the Features & Specifications link on each page to get a list.

Not sure about bike computer terminology

We've listed common terms in our Functions AtoZ page and explained them briefly and (we hope) simply.

Need wireless connectivity

You can list the options for different models and brands and get general information using our Wireless Cycle Computers link.

Need cadence functioning ?

List the different computer models available and read some background information about the importance of cadence in cycling using the Cadence Cycle Computers link. Cadence sensors are including in quite a few computers as options, so check carefully.

Interested in GPS

We've listed the different GPS bike computers available for cyclists and explained something about how GPS works. NB... GPS is developing quickly in cycle computer use and you can expect a supply of new models on the market. An alternative is of course to use a runners watch that's equipped with GPS.

Doing serious training

You'll find that Cycle Computers are also starting to include connections and analysis for power output sensors. The number of these and compatibility is likely to increase quickly.

Cycle Computer Developments

Some sort of computer is now very common for many cyclists whether competing, touring or just leisure riding on holiday.

There are some key functions present in nearly all bike computers with a series of add-on sensors and functions available. The most common add-ons are:

Heart Rate Monitor
Useful not only for athletes but also for people who want to keep fit within their healthy range of exercise. There are lots of these and a good variety of heart rate data is now easy to measure and monitor. Developments will probably be in the application and science used to analyse the data, rather than in producing new monitors.

Cadence Sensors
If you're competing, your training can be much more effectively planned if you know how your cadence varies on rides. Developments are likely to be in the analysis and effective use of data, rather than for hardware. All these are listed on our Cadence Cycle Computers page.

Wireless Sensors are now available for most cycle computers. The main developments are in improved transmission methods for minimising interference and crosstalk, together with sensor developments for measurements that are starting to be important for training, for example power output. You can get a list of the latest ones on our Wireless Cycle Computers page.

GPS is the newest significant development for cycle computers, so that instead of using a runner's GPS watch, cyclists now have their own computer.

Developments should be rapid as new manufacturers appear on the scene. Currently Garmin have a good range, but it also looks as if the mobile phone companies will be taking an interest in GPS for bikes. Keep watching this area via our GPS Cycle Computers page.

Power Output
There is an increasing interest in using power output readings for training purposes and sensors are being developed along with cycle computers that are compatible with them.